Title: How did she change?

Story name: ‘’The Boy with hopes, cheerful, The Girl with hopes, fearful‘’

After falling apart, she reminds, of…. it was just the beginning… Everything changes even her…

So, the story starts here.

She was just a little girl with some little hopes. She was brave and also fearful, brave and fearful ‘’How’’….

Hope or Miracle

‘’Having hopes makes you brave’’ By ‘’ The Mad Writer”

She was born with a miracle, A ‘’miracle’’ that made her. Her first ‘’breath was a blessing. A girl with beautiful ‘’Blue’’ eyes, her first heartbeat, her little soft hands and feet, her little smile. Was a blessing. For her parents, she was a blessing.

She was a miracle…because…

Her first steps were a miracle. When she takes her first step, her parents were calling her and were smiling but she fell down and started crying. They (Her parents) stopped smiling. She was disappointed in herself. She just wants to make her parents smile.

They stopped smiling because…

‘’Sometimes we just need to see or feel, not to judge’’ By ‘’ The Mad Writer”


One day, She was walking in a park and saw a boy, sitting on a bench, she looks at him, he was starring at something, she doesn’t know what he was actually looking at. After looking at him, she sits next to him and watch him for some moments and asked him out of curiosity, What are you looking at (she asked him gently), The boy answered without even realizing, who is she, who is he talking with, he just answered to her question, he just pointed with his hand and said look. She looked and saw a tree and said what are you trying to say. The boy said look at the little bird not at the tree when she looked and saw a little bird who was trying to fly she didn’t get it and looked at the boy and the boy was still looking at the little bird and he said, you didn’t get what I’m trying to say, right? The girl moves her head gently and whispers, ‘’no’’. The boy said, the bird…. you’re looking at is trying its best to fly, the bird is struggling hard so he can fly. The girl reply, so he can see the world or something else.

The boy said ‘’no’’, you miss the main part of this, The girl is still looking at him, The boy said, look at the other tree after saying this he pointed at the tree. The girl looked and saw the other two birds, who were also looking at the little bird, and the girl thought and said, these two birds are the parents of the little bird. The boy smiled and said ‘’yes’’. They are the parents of the little bird. The boy was still looking at the birds and didn’t realize whom he’s talking with and said, Did you get the point. The girl was just looking at him. And then the little bird flys, Suddenly the boy stand up and shout ‘’finally the little bird is flying’’, The girl looked at the little bird and it was really flying. Both were smiling and were unexpectedly happy. And then suddenly, the boy realized whom he was talking to. He stopped and looked at the girl. The girl was also looking at him. He suddenly picked up his things and run away, the girl tries to stop him but he didn’t stop and said (While he was running) I just told you what you asked me for and also what you have to hear, he just said this and disappeared from the girl’s view.

After this, the girl realized and thought….

‘’Sometimes, strangers are enough more than the knowing ones’’ By ‘’ The Mad Writer”

The second part will be announced after the contest. Thank you so much for reading this...



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